2023 Corporate Events: Key Themes, pt.3

A stellar business event can open the door to a whole new world of opportunities. It’s more than just good PR and customer loyalty- it builds bridges between leaders, empowers your clients with valuable knowledge, and creates an environment where networks expand organically. We have compiled the hottest corporate event themes previously here and here, and to further spice up your upcoming event – check out our ideas below.


Commercial Spaces and Evolving Workforce

Over the past few years commercial real estate (CRE) property owners and operators are facing the daunting challenge of navigating new hurdles. From digital workplace advancements to labor shortages resulting in operational strain, and to rising pressures due to ESG policies and requirements, CRE property must contend with more obstacles than ever before.

The commercial office real estate sector is undergoing a rapid transformation as companies fine-tune their operations with the emergence of hybrid and remote models for business. 

As we look toward the future, hybrid office setups and rising green buildings demands are here to stay – how can offices reimagine themselves for long-term success? Gain fascinating insight into how corporate giants like Google or Toyota are transitioning to fit our new reality and shaping the future of work. Learn what strategies they’re employing so you can stay ahead in today’s business landscape. Tap into the knowledge of top thought leaders by booking one of our extraordinary keynote speakers today.


Workplace Culture and Efficient Teams

The workplace is a dynamic ecosystem. It’s the place where ideas, goals and values come together, with employees uniting to create something great. To ensure that your workplace culture remains healthy and balanced, it’s important to create an atmosphere there which takes into account our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Mental health is an increasingly important topic in today’s hybrid workplace, and employees are feeling the strain of stressors added to their workloads. To combat such issues, many companies are turning to hiring professionals for their internal events that can help staff members become more mindful of how they manage themselves both mentally and physically – cultivating overall wellbeing as a result. 

Investing in these kinds of programs delivers measurable benefits: greater productivity with higher morale; improved job satisfaction leading to lesser turnover costs; increased reputation from being seen as one who cares about employee mental health – all making way for more efficient and creative teams


Neuroscience and Individual Performance

Our brains are the most powerful tool we have, and neuroscience can help us understand how to use that power more effectively. With the rise of neuroscience, organisations are now able to understand human performance on a level never seen before.  Also, the ability to navigate uncertain environments and successfully manage change is essential for business leaders today. With a deeper understanding of the human brain, you can unlock your full potential as a leader and develop plans that set out an achievable vision for success – regardless of external factors. 

How Can Neuroscience Help Improve Performance?

Neuroscience can provide valuable insights into improving individual performance. By understanding how our brains work, we can identify areas where we need to focus our energy and attention in order to make improvements. Neuroscientists have studied various aspects of cognitive functioning such as memory, attention, learning, decision making, problem solving, and motor skills—all which contribute to an individual’s overall performance. Additionally, neuroscientists have developed techniques such as brain training exercises that help strengthen certain areas of the brain to enhance its functioning.

Hosting a speaker on neuroscience breakthroughs is an excellent way for corporations looking for ideas on how they can increase employee efficiency or improve customer experience to get a better grasp on this fascinating field while gaining valuable insight into its practical applications.