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New book By corporate keynote speaker DR Medeiros

Cold Rivals: The New Era of US-China Strategic Competition

Author Spotlight: Dr Medeiros's Latest Release

Evan Medeiros recently published a book about US-China relations:
"Cold Rivals: The New Era of U.S.-China Strategic Competition", in which the author provides a comprehensive overview of US-China strategic competition and reinvigorates thinking about how to avoid reaching a crisis point.

What makes a corporate event successful?

Arianne Alcorta, an award-winning, Emmy nominated TV journalist, university professor and event moderator

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We stand out by blending highly personalized service and the power of a state-of-the-art AI platform. Our proprietary AI engine:

  • Continuously collects deep insights and metadata including trending topics, content, and thematics.
  • Augments our human expertise and delivers enhanced suggestions for keynote speakers, moderators, and content uniquely suited for your events
  • This enables us to offer expert speakers on future trends and cross-industry keynote speakers.


As the world’s specialist provider of tailored speaking engagements, we identify the best keynote speakers, moderators and panelists in order to maximise the impact of your next event.

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Faced with complex business decisions, our clients come to us when they need access to deep industry expertise.

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We develop state-of-the-art content ideas by strategically leveraging our in-house research teams, as well as external top experts in their fields. This structured method brings together the most on-trend expert perspectives for the best content.

Our client base includes

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ADB - Zebra Insights Client
Barclays - Zebra Insights Client
FTI - Zebra Insights Client
IBM - Zebra Insights Client
HSBC - Zebra Insights Client
Jefferies - Zebra Insights Client
J.P.Morgan - Zebra Insights Client
Morgan Stanley - Zebra Insights Client
NOVARTIS - Zebra Insights Client
CISCO - Zebra Insights Client
MACQUARIE - Zebra Insights Client
Prudential - Zebra Insights Client
Sun Life Financial - Zebra Insights Client
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Top 8 Global Investment Banks
Tier 1 International Law Firms
S&P 500 Tech Companies
Leading Insurance Companies
Top 2 Banks in Switzerland
Global Not for Profit Professional Organizations
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Top 8 Global Investment Banks
Tier 1 International Law Firms
S&P 500 Tech Companies
Leading Insurance Companies
Top 2 Banks in Switzerland
Global Not for Profit Professional Organizations

What Our Clients Say About Us

The event logistics were well managed and planned from the outset, no small detail was forgotten which prevented last minute issues, leading to a very smooth process. Furthermore, our event's success was greatly enhanced by Zebra Insights' curated fireside chat questions. Their tailored approach and insightful questions perfectly resonated with the speaker and our audience. We highly recommend Zebra Insights.
ManagerHSBC Life
You take clear ownership of projects, are very pro-active and run the extra mile to deliver top-notch content. One of the biggest differentiators is that you also shape content and define topics.
Regional Head of EventsCredit Suisse
You and your team contributed - once more - tremendously to the success of the event. It’s a great pleasure collaborating with you!!
Managing DirectorUBS
You make our life easier by taking care of the event differentiation, such as generating great content and keynote speakers and executing on them, so we can focus on the bigger picture.
Head of MarketingSun Life
The event was very successful and you and your team did a great job. Thank you very much. Both keynote speakers delivered an interesting and inspiring presentation.
Head of Marketing and SponsoringCredit Suisse
Thanks very much for setting up the talk for us. We really enjoyed it.
Global Content ManagerJefferies
Interactive engagement, good line up of speakers to interview. Efficient. Overall satisfied with the Comms and efficiency. Given the very tight around time, I think we pulled it off well.
Moderator | Former CNA News AnchorCNA
It was very well organised, the questions were sent to me beforehand and the moderator was a very good. nothing to improve, everything was very smooth.
Founder2 Award-Winning NGOs
Efficient agreement and contracting. Good rapport with counterpart. It was well handled
Managing DirectorAsia Research & Engagement
Depth of questions and well planned event structure. Very proactive, prompt and professional. I look forward to working with you guys in future on many more events.
Executive Director and Co-founderUSC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management
Good facilitation and preparation
Head of the CentreGlobal Health Security at Chatham House, London
The interaction was engaging. It is done perfectly! Look forward to more opportunities together
Senior Visiting FellowInstitute of Global Affairs, the LSE
We value the great partnership with Zebra Insights very much and it is always a pleasure to work with you. We do feel very well taken care of and we can rely on your assistance at any given time. Thank you for this great collaboration.
Event MarketingCredit Suisse
The pre-event organisation was quite good. Well handled.
Co-founder and DirectorThe Lion Rock Institute
Your speaker was the 'surprise' of the event, our clients rated him very highly as he shared differentiated and timely insights which are not found in the mainstream media. He is very engaging and helps the audience to really challenge their own thinking.
Head of Institutional EventsGlobal Bank

Zebra Insights draws thought leaders, industry experts & C-level executives from diverse sectors and fields:

US & China Tech giants - Google, Facebook, SenseTime, Huawei, BAT
Unicorns in HealthTech, AI, Robotics, Consumer, Mobility
Fortune 500 and leading global corporates across all sectors
Leadership: Global 40 under 40, Forbes 30 under 30