An Expert Insight in the Global GPU Investment Landscape

With Chinese New Year upon us, we would like to nurture you with some food for thought to kick off the Year of the Pig. There have been recent developments in the GPU market and therefore we connected one of our investment banking clients with a Zebra Insights’ expert on GPU. Our client was excited to host the Director of Engineering from a leading artificial intelligence company based in California. He shared his deep expertise on computer vision with them.

Our expert covered topics ranging from comparison of neural network training to technical merits of various processors. Additionally, he shed a light on inter fencing platforms and developments in new platforms such as Graphcore, Cerebus and Nervana. To give you a grasp of the depth of expertise of our trusted expert, here are the key takeaways from the engagement.

Our client inquired about the following questions, which our expert was happy to answer and share his perspective on:

  • Can a particular platform sustain a lead or emerge as a new competitor?

  • What stage are the processors of the new platforms like Graphcore, Cerebus, Nervana and their required elements of success?

  • How often are engineers punching through the frameworks to the native language or libraries like CUDA/cuDNN?

Besides answering those questions, our expert was also able to give insights on the following topics:

  • Hardware comparisons: Nvidia GPUs vs Google TPUs vs FPGAs

  • Programmability/functionality and efficiency of various processors Google TPU vs Nvidia GPU vs AMD GPUs vs FPGAs

  • Tensorflow vs Caffe vs other deep learning frameworks

  • AWS vs Google Cloud vs Microsoft Azure: their positions with different types of users

As a result, our client obtained the insights they were seeking and acquired a perspective they had not explored previously. As such they determined what area of GPU they want to invest in to bring about a prosperous Year of the Pig. Have you figured out what your investment focus will be for the coming year?

Kung Hei Fat Choy!