Book of the month: Secret Pandemic by Simone Heng

Secret Pandemic: The Search for Connection in a Lonely World

by Simone Heng

The world was in a loneliness crisis long before Covid-19 and the pandemic highlighted the importance of authentic connections in our lives.

As human beings, our brains are wired for connection. This book is a guide to navigating contemporary life by discussing the feelings of disconnection people are facing today — a world that sees isolation within families, digital addiction, and emotional trauma.

Simone’s own experiences with loneliness form the foundation of her book, which she describes as part-memoir and part-thought leadership. The author shares her personal relationship with disconnection that started from a young age as an immigrant child, where she was raised with the concept of conditional love paid upon achievement.

The profound link she discovered between the trauma we experience as children and its impact on how we connect with others is vital in the Asian cultural context:

“There is immense pain carried by a child when they swap their humanness for being a vehicle of shame or success for their family.” — excerpt from Chapter 3, Trauma: If You Are Loved You Learn to Love.

About author: Simone Heng is a human connection specialist, speaker and former international broadcaster. Simone inspires people to connect in a world thirsty for authentic connection. She has spoken to thousands and often for Fortune 500 organizations, including Google, Bytedance, Salesforce, SAP, L’Oréal, TEDx, The United Nations, and many more.


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