Jefferies Asia Forum with guest speakers Simon Tye and Benjamin Lim

Simon Tye, the Executive Director at CSG INTAGE GROUP, delivered a presentation exploring the post-pandemic luxury mindset of Chinese consumers. During the presentation, he shared data-supported insights that covered changes in values, habits, preferences, and consumption trends. Tye delved into various aspects, including luxury categories, emerging trends, technology, art, the influence factor, shifting travel behaviors, sustainability, and Hong Kong’s role as a luxury center. The presentation was rich in information, aimed at broadening the audience’s understanding, challenging their perspectives, and keeping them updated on the evolving preferences of Chinese luxury consumers.

Another Zebra Insights speaker Benjamin Lim spoke about “China at a Crossroads”. Benjamin Lim, who is a former North Asia Specialist Correspondent with nearly four decades of experience in China and Taiwan, 27 of which were spent at Reuters, has reported on significant events in the region. One notable accomplishment was uncovering President Xi Jinping’s ascent in 2007 when Xi was not on the radar of China observers. His discussion on stage at the event looked back at seminal events in recent Chinese history and how they have ramifications for today’s China.

-Images by Kennevia Photography