FinTech Festival India 2022

The mega event, FinTech Festival India, was held from July 20 to July 22, 2022 in Delhi. It was organized by Constellar and backed by the Niti Aayog (the premier policy think tank of the Government of India, providing directional and policy inputs) and six ministries of the federal government. 

The conference’s 35+ panel discussions covered a wide range of subjects, garnering praise from both attendees and speakers. The topics included government policies, the metaverse, banking, lending, Insurtech, blockchain, payments, lending, and almost every other industry that makes FinTech the most talked about and heavily invested global ecosystem in the world.

Zebra Insights also contributed to the success of the event by helping to provide with relevant speakers for the panels on the topics below:

  • Insurance is the new custom suit: How bespoke InsurTech better serves SMEs?
  • Climate Change: How can FinTech help to secure earth’s future and pave the road to a sustainable future? 
  • Harmonizing privacy, usability and economic success with emerging technologies
  • Rewired: How to prepare consumers for the coming cashless world?