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About us

Zebra Insights is your strategic partner in creating meaningful keynote speaker experiences for your corporate events. Leveraging over a decade of experience working with corporate clients, we strongly believe that a successful business event strengthens your reputation and credibility in the market, while deepening customer loyalty and brand advocacy. It can also help your clients learn valuable insights and expand their own networks.

Why work with Zebra Insights?

Find Event Speakers
We combine AI power with human insight to create bespoke proposals for leading global banks, multinational corporations, event management companies, and for you. 
We don’t have a fixed roster of speakers that we propose to all clients. Our speaker base is constantly updated with new, fresh speakers as well as with world-class celebrities, actors, former politicians, professional athletes and entrepreneurs.
We work to understand the DNA of your event and then conduct bespoke searches to find the ideal speaker within your indicated budget.

How we work

Discuss your event ideas with a member of our specialist team, including your event theme and purpose, audience, high-level agenda as well as the budget for the speakers lineup. 

Our team will create unique speakers ideas to achieve your event goals. Whether your goal is to position your brand as a thought leader in a certain field, to entertain your clients in a more profound and intelligent way, or to raise awareness of your organization or product by combining live and digital resources, we have the most suitable speaker suggestions for you. 

Getting the content right can absolutely transform your event. If you want to differentiate the content from other events on similar topics and create powerful engagement from the attendees, we have a solution for you. Our structured method brings together our in-house research teams and industry leaders from virtually any sector to provide you with timely, well researched and the most relevant content ideas for your event’s strategic direction. 

We provide all the event logistics for the speakers, including travel arrangements and pre-event briefing calls to ensure a smooth and successful event. We can also find the right moderator/emcee for your event as we have a great network of event hosts from different industry backgrounds.

Congratulations! At the end of the event, imagine happy, inspired faces in the audience. We would love to hear feedback from you so that you can enjoy an even more customized service next time. Zebra Insights wants to be your lifetime partner for sourcing speakers so let’s start working together on your next event.

Zebra Insights Event Speaker Checklist

Download a Zebra Insights Event Speaker Checklist where we have prepared the most useful tips to ensure the long-lasting success and impact of your event.

we are Zebra insights

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