“The Olympic State of Mind”

The 2022 Winter Olympics in China’s capital is a special Games, partly as a result of the pandemic situation in the world. Despite that, we are watching the best of sports: perseverance, achievement and grace. There are 91 countries and 2871 athletes competing ‎in 15 disciplines. 

Only a handful get the recognition of great athletes of all times, only a few dozen take home a medal, and the majority have almost no real shot at standing on the Olympic podium. All of these athletes are constantly assessed in comparison to others who are, by the metrics of their profession, better than them at what they do—and yet they are all able to stay motivated, committed to a life of sacrifice. To many of us, the feats of Olympic athletes and their dedication to physical training seem super-human. How do they do it?

The Olympic State of Mind is an athlete’s mental journey and the sports psychology techniques that we can all implement into our own lives. Every athlete has its own secret of success, own motives and inspirations but the Olympic State of Mind centres around the three key pillars – mindfulness, visualisation and motivation.

  1. Mindfulness: how to turn negative emotions into positives.

In the simplest terms, mindfulness helps to make you more aware of your thoughts, emotions and feelings in the present moment. Being emotionally aware can help everyone to reach their goals regardless of ability. Once an athlete has stepped onto the field, having the awareness to focus on the information that their body sends to their brain can help them to leap ahead of their competition.

 2. Visualisation is the secret weapon we all have but might not be using.

Using your imagination to picture challenges ahead can help you achieve them in real life and could play a key role to unlocking your full potential. Visualisation helps top athletes to focus on the outcome in order to succeed.

 3. Motivation: how knowing what motivates you can help you stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes there’s no greater struggle than finding the motivation to push yourself that little bit further. However, with the right mindset, this can be overcome. Take the first step by finding out what motivates you – whether it’s your favourite track, an inspirational quote, thinking of your loved ones. Then the best thing you can do is keep it close to hand.

Through their stories, interviews and live events, motivational speakers and professional athletes can inspire your teams and your entire organisation to change mindset and behaviour, introducing new ways of thinking, new approaches and changes in values and beliefs. 

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