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Girish Shetty

Girish Shetty

Senior Advisor Asia - Global Speakers


Girish Shetty is a Senior Advisor at Zebra Insights. He consults and advises on the speaker side of the business for the group facilitating discussions between clients and speakers.
He has been working and cementing strong and lasting relationships with senior opinion leaders, industry-leading experts and specialists. He has been consulting the company for over four years where he is actively involved in opening doors to many important strategic deals, this is being done by identifying unique, high-quality experts who are a perfect match and resonate well with the client requirements. He believes that the unique approach and understanding of customer needs further strengthens the relationship between the group and its client base. He enjoys mentoring the team and likes to share his knowledge and experience.
His corporate experience spans close to 15 years donning different business development and sales roles within the capital markets industry for various leading exchanges and brokerages. He holds an MBA from Pune University.
Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and kids.

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