Shakhrizada Balgimbekova

Shakhrizada Balgimbekova

Expert Relationship Manager


Shakhrizada is an Expert Relationship Manager at Zebra Insights. With her roots in Kazakhstan, she is a strategic part of our global team as she manages relations with experts, high-profile speakers, and C-level executives. 

Through her work and dedication, she aims to create an impact in the world. She believes that by connecting global thought-leaders and subject matter experts with various sectors, including banking and finance, she is driving the force behind the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive world. 

Previously, Shakhrizada lived in Greater China for more than ten years and has witnessed the rise of China as a global economic power. She continues to work with high-profile speakers from China and builds a strong network of experts globally. 

She is fluent in English, Russian, Mandarin, and French. Shakhrizada holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Economics from China University of Petroleum (Beijing).