Keynote speaker on AI Adam Cheyer

Adam Cheyer


AI | Technology

Job Title

VP of AI Experience




San Francisco, United States




A speaker worth every minute, who embodies innovation, digital transformation, entrepreneurship and leadership. He has worked at VerticalNet, Bull, SRI, Dejima/Siri/Apple, Viv/Samsung. He enabled both digital transformation and AI implementation for their corporate customers and consumers. Adam is outstanding on stage, with great energy, unique insights and very engaging with the audience.

Speaking Topics

  • ChatGPT and The Rise of Conversational AI
  • The Future of AI and Business
  • “Hey Siri”: A Founding Story
  • How to Build A Successful Startup
  • “I Can Help With That”: The Future of Intelligent Interface Agents

Expert Profile

In November 2023, Adam Cheyer’s latest AI company, GamePlanner.AI, was acquired by Airbnb in a 200 million dollar deal. 

GamePlanner was co-founded by Adam Cheyer and Siamak Hodjat in 2020 and has been in “stealth” mode since its founding, keeping its achievements under wraps. Cheyer explains that GamePlanner will be used to help “the world make better decisions.” Airbnb plans to use GamePlanner to create a “travel concierge” that can help users make more personalized decisions, like better matches for homes or rooms.

As part of the acquisition, Adam serves Airbnb as their VP of AI Experience, guiding AI projects and integrating AI tools into the Airbnb platform.

Adam is both a successful entrepreneur and inventor, with more than 20 patents to his name. Have you heard of the Apple assistant Siri or Samsung assistant Bixby? Adam Cheyer is the man you can thank for these life-changing innovations.

Adam Cheyer instinctively knew that the future of human interaction with machines must include more natural communication through speech and text when he started working with computers in the early 90’s. Since then, Adam has pursued ever better and better AIs. In 2007 he co-founded Siri Inc. with the intent to make people’s lives just a little easier. Just three years later in 2010, Siri Inc. was sold to Apple for over $200 million according to reports.