Adam Gazzaley


Tech and Transportation

Job Title

Neuroscientist, Founder and Executive Director




San Francisco, California, USA




Neuroscientist, Neurologist, Inventor, Author of an Award Winning Book, Photographer, Entrepreneur and Investor. He is a big stage speaker, eager to share his research and perspectives with the public. Among many awards he has received 2015 Society for Neuroscience Science Educator Award. He wrote and hosted the nationally-televised PBS special “The Distracted Mind with Dr. Adam Gazzaley”

Speaking Topics

  • Brain Optimization and The Future of Psychedelic Medicine

  • How Video Games Help Us Live Longer

  • Promise of Tech and the Brain – The future of brain-machine interface

  • Closing the Loop between the Brain and Education

  • A New Era of Experiential Medicine: Exploring the Role of Technology

  • Science and mental health

  • How new technologies, such as video games, might be used to enhance the functioning of the brain

  • Why our brains are so distractible, how technology aggravates it

  • How to live better in a high-tech world

Expert Profile

Expert is a neuroscientist, neurologist, inventor, author. He is the David Dolby Distinguished Professor of Neurology, Physiology and Psychiatry at University of California, and the Founder & Executive Director of Neuroscape at UCSF.

At Neuroscape, he leads the design and development of novel brain assessment and cognitive optimization technologies. Neuroscape’s novel approach involves the development of custom-designed, closed-loop video games integrated with the latest advancements in software and hardware. He is co-founder and Chief Science Advisor of Akili Interactive, a company developing therapeutic video games.

He has been a scientific advisor at companies – Apple, GE, Deloitte, etc.

His research has been consistently profiled in media, such as The New York Times, TIME, Wired, CNN, etc. He co-authored the 2016 MIT Press book “The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World”, winner of the 2017 PROSE Award. He received 2015 Society for Neuroscience Science Educator Award.