Afshin Molavi



Job Title

Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins School Of Advanced International Studies


London School of Economics, The Ash Center of Harvard Kennedy School


Washington, United States


English, Mandarin


He is an author and expert on global geo-political risk and geo-economics. He is one of the known commentators on global geopolitical risk and the role of emerging markets in the 21st century. A highly original thinker, he combines detailed analysis of economics, politics and technology to create a rich picture of the key trends reshaping our world.

Speaking Topics

– US-China “Cold War”: Where We Are Now and Where Are We Headed

– Great Power Competition and Supply Chain Diversification

– Asia as Demographic Superpower: Urbanization, Middle Classes and Connectivity in the Broader Global Landscape

– U.S Foreign Policy Toward Asia

– The U.S Presidential Election and the Future of Asia Policy

– India Rising as New Emerging Markets Darling: Opportunities and Challenges

– The Five Disruption-Proof Global Trends Disruption Our Future

– The New Geopolitical Risk (And Opportunity) Map

– Putin’s Bomb and the Global Shrapnel

Expert Profile

Afshin, author of “The Soul of Iran,” is the co-founder of emerge85, a project highlighting the power shift to Asia, Africa, and Latin America, representing 85% of the world’s population. As a Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins SAIS, he focuses on themes like the “New Silk Road” and emerging market dynamics. Formerly, he directed the World Economic Roundtable at the New America Foundation and served as a senior global advisor at Oxford Analytica. With a global outlook, he addresses crucial issues such as the rise of Asia, Middle East geopolitics, The New Silk Road, and global economic policy. As the founder of the Emerging World newsletter on Substack, he explores global trends and provides thought leadership for investors and analysts.