Davos, 24.11.2017. Sport, 14. Internationale Sportnacht Davos 2017. 
Ariella Kaeslin (li, ehem. Kunstturnerin) und Kristall-Preistraeger David Schnabel (re), 8-facher Kunstrad-Weltmeister. 
Copyright by:  foto-net / Kurt Schorrer

Ariella Kaeslin



Job Title

Gymnast, European Champion, Vice World Champion



Lucerne, Switzerland


English, German


Open, honest, with a sense of humour and an enthusiastic zest for life, this authentic speaker passes on her insights in a relatable and gripping manner – based on her experiences as a top-class sportswoman and enriched with theoretical, tactical and mental knowledge. Ariella illustrates her content with descriptive techniques that invite her audience to reflect.

Speaking Topics

  • Motivation / Strategy

  • Burnout

  • Work-Life-Balance

  • What does it mean to be a top athlete?

  • What did I learn from the transition from top-class sport to “normal” life?

  • Sports science, psychology, physiotherapy

  • Women in sports

Expert Profile

Ariella Kaeslin is a successful gymnast who was named Swiss Sportswoman of the Year a record three times in a row from 2008-2010. A bout of depressive exhaustion forced her to retire from top-tier sports in 2011. How did this crisis happen? How did she get through it to rediscover life beyond gymnastics? Pressure, stress, motivation, success and defeat, setting and reaching targets and making strategic decisions in a fraction of a second are topics which Ariella finds enduringly fascinating. In her presentations, she introduces her audience to ‘her’ world of elite sports and explains how to deal with the aforementioned issues in everyday professional and personal life.