Durreen Shahnaz


Sustainability; Impact Investing

Job Title

Founder and CEO


Impact Investment Exchange






Why? Founder and CEO of two companies – Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) and IIX Foundation. Both companies are leaders in the impact investing space in Asia. She is passionate about her causes, and on top of that she is a very good speaker (she did numerous TED talks on the topics she cares about).

Speaking Topics

  • Impact Investing in Asia
  • Sustainable Finance – Innovative Financing Solutions
  • Creating livelihoods for women in low income countries through capital markets tools
  • Innovative finance as a tool for building COVID Recovery
  • Social entrepreneurship and social investment in health, education, agricultural sectors

Expert Profile

The expert, a global leader of social impact and pioneer in impact investing, is the founder of Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) and IIX Foundation. Over the past three decades, her mission has been to build a more inclusive, sustainable world by transforming financial markets and bringing underserved women to the forefront of capital markets. Drawing on a rich career as an investment banker, development worker, researcher, educator, and serial social entrepreneur, her work has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, governments and impact stakeholders around the world to play a role in sustainable development and women’s empowerment.