Fiona Kerr


Technology and Transformation

Job Title

Founder and CEO


NeuroTech Institute


Adelaide, Australia




She  is a fascinating scientist with 30 years of experience and a speaker doing intensive research on human interactions using modern technologies in her research on how brains work and how we can change human behaviour.

Speaking Topics

  • Social empathy, healthy interaction with technology

  • Human – Human interaction

  • How brains work, can you change a brain?

  • How to increase the capacity of brain, technology as a tool that can enable it

  • Human and Technology

  • Technologization of things

Expert Profile

Expert researches, speaks and consults on a range of topics including the neuroscience of human-human and human-technology interaction, neurogenesis, and how good leaders create organisations that flourish. Her interest in the science and power of human connectivity has developed over more than 30 years working in a variety of sectors in Australia and overseas, encompassing power generation, automotive manufacturing, defence, pharmaceuticals, state government, and creative companies including Cirque du Soleil!