Gregory Burns



Job Title

Paralympic Gold Medalist | Motivational Speaker | Artist/Painter


Ang Arts






Motivational speaker who overcame significant challenges to achieve international success both as an athlete and an artist. He proves daily that art and sport can co-exist on the highest levels. He is a world champion Paralympic swimmer who has won five gold and silver medals and broken four world records in three Paralympic Games. He is also a world-class contemporary artist, whose abstract impressionist paintings and exhibitions have received international acclaim.

Speaking Topics

  • Going Beyond Limitations
  • Fueling Passions, Recharging Life.
  • The Artist’s Journey: Embracing the artist within.
  • Disability Awareness: Embracing disability and diversity.

Expert Profile

Gregory Burns delivers powerful multi-media motivational keynotes and intimate fireside chats, in person or virtually, which inspire individuals to go beyond their limitations and comfort zones. In addition, through unique and innovative team building workshops, Gregory motivates teams to internalize company culture and values by creating amazing artwork that staff craft in a collaborative effort, which is a testament to the team and their objectives.
Since 1992, through sharing a combination of life experiences and observations, Gregory helps us to rethink the way we conduct business and live our lives so that we can achieve our goals and maximize our potential. Gregory set 4 swimming world records in 3 Paralympics, completed numerous IronMan competitions and built a profitable professional business as an international artist.
Holding a Master of Fine Art and educated in Europe, America, and Asia, as a professional fine artist, Gregory deals daily with the challenges of pushing himself and his contemporary paintings from good to great. Exhibiting internationally since 1980, his paintings reference a global perspective on overcoming challenges and the power of the human spirit. During his Workshops, Gregory equips participants to step outside their ‘default’ lives and become immersed in a creative journey of discovery through drawing and painting.
Gregory has published three books, presented two Ted Talks and been featured on CNN, CNBC, BBC, ESPN, CCTV and CNA as well as in The AWSJ,Time Magazine and The China Daily.