Kirk Vallis



Job Title

Global Head of Creative Capability Development




London, United Kingdom




He is unquestionably a leading authority in his field and an engaging and deeply motivating speaker. Able to transmit his thinking with immense clarity, he is working with big names such as Google and Adidas and other companies to change the traditional thinking of the way we work and help the companies to adapt to the new reality of the working environment.

Speaking Topics

  • Thinking differently: to solve problems in new different ways and to disrupt, outthink opposition

  • How do we work better when we don’t see each other

  • How to be effective when working from home?

  • How to deal with the blend, things to do while working from the office and at home?

  • Get better with Customers and stakeholders, get better in engaging with them

  • How employees getting better in new ways with their performance and productivity

  • Leaders – Make decisions of better ways to structure organizations.

Expert Profile

In 2012, expert joined Google as a Global Head of Creative Capability Development. He built Google’s Magic Academy, a revered programme to help make creativity as valued a part of Googlers’ toolkit as knowledge and technical based skills.

At times, he also acts as an advisor, mentor and public speaker. He partners with organisations to help them develop creative capability. He is also an ambassador for Moving Ahead, a social enterprise focussed on helping drive greater diversity in business all over the world.

He has been a mentor to The Hope Fund for Cancer Research, helping some of the world’s most respected biologists, geneticists and Nobel prize winners, to disrupt traditional thinking. He has also led workshops at Wharton business school and Stanford, to help senior executives unlock even more creativity in themselves and their teams.