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Louis was the surprise of the event, the audience rated him ‘top of the top’ in terms of how he shared new, deep insights that are not provided in the mainstream media.”  “He is a very engaging presenter, and helps investors to profoundly challenge their own thinking and inspires their investment positioning relating to China and global markets.

Speaking Topics

  • How investments are going to be affected by higher inflation

  • The future of global markets – How to prepare for coming crash

  • How money is going to continue to flow to the east

  • The Slow-Motion Reverse Asian Crisis

  • Why Bitcoin is not all it’s cracked up to be

  • Does Digital Currency threaten to upend the banking system itself?

  • US’s increasing oil demand and deteriorating trade balance

  • The financial and technological rivalry between the US and P.R. China

  • Future projections: What happens to US tech?

Expert Profile

Expert is CEO at GaveKal, a financial services firm that provides research, money management and software services to asset managers and corporations.

He launched Gavekal with Charles Gave and Anatole Kaletsky. The idea at the time was that Asia was set to become an ever more important factor in global growth and that, consequently, Gavekal needed to offer its clients more information, and more ideas, relating to Asia.

Expert has written six books, the latest being Clash of Empires: Currencies and Power in a Multipolar World which discusses the consequences of a world which seems to be breaking up into three distinct monetary zones, each with its own reserve currency, its own fiscal policy, its own imperial ambitions and perhaps even its own supply chains.

He is the non-executive chairman of ROBO Global LLC. He is also a non-executive director at Evergreen Gavekal, a Bellevue, Washington based private wealth manager.

What Our Clients Say About Louis-Vincent Gave

Louis is 'top of the top' in the speaker world.