Louisa Nicola


Motivational; Neuroscience; Leadership Coaching

Job Title

Neurophysiologist and human performance coach to elite athletes, investors & CEOs;


Director at Neuro Athletics


USA/ Australia




Louisa leverages her experience as a neurophysiologist and professional triathlete to not only teach but inspire your audience to perform like an athlete. By using science-driven data from EEG scans, labs tests and cognitive assessments, Louisa has a first class ticket inside the brain of elite NBA, MLB and NFL stars as well as Wall Street’s biggest Hedge funds and portfolio managers.

Speaking Topics

– Leverage neuroscience to elevate your performance

– Are you on top of your game?

– Perform like an athlete: an operating manual for human performance

– Perform better, think faster, invest wiser

– Sleep and athletic performance

– Longevity and peak performance

Expert Profile

9 years ago, Louisa was training to go to the Olympics (representing Australia in the triathlon), when she was hit by a car and suffered seemingly insurmountable injuries.

Desperate to accelerate her recovery, Louisa integrated brain training into her physiology regimine and was able to make a near-miraculous recovery to not only go to the Auckland World Championship series, but place 13th in the triathlon. Louisa has since helped so many elite performers become the top 1% in their field by leveraging neuroscience, exercise physiology, and biomedical services. Louisa has successfully given her signature talk “Perform like an athlete” to the head of sales at IBM, Salesforce and Google, etc.

Louisa graduated from the University of Sydney medical school with a master of medicine in neurophysiology and is currently completing her doctorate under the guidance of Dr Tommy Wood at UW, studying the effects of resistance exercise on the brain. She is on the scientific advisory board of Tonal, Klora and Momentous.