Lubomila Jordanova


Sustainability, Climate Change

Job Title

CEO & Co-Founder


Plan A


Berlin, Germany




Expert is a passionate speaker, sharing her personal journey of how she started to act and do something tangible to tackle the climate crisis, to make a difference for the community and businesses. She was selected as one of the top 50 women in Germany in tech by Handelsblatt and named ‘30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur of 2020’ by Forbes, Top 100 Women in Germany for 2020, FOCUS Magazine.

Speaking Topics

  • The Fortune of Misfortune: Learnings from the Climate Crisis
  • Analyzing data – what can be done to respond to the Climate Change issue
  • Sustainability & ESG performance – humans understanding their responsibility toward not only one another but the rest of the living ecosystem; it means finding a balance
  • The Future of GreenTech and Sustainability
  • How businesses can strategize, calculate, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint
  • The connection between economy and climate change and how it takes more than simply reducing emissions to drive the sustainability agenda

Expert Profile

Expert is a Co-Founder and CEO of Plan A, a Berlin-based startup developing an algorithm that predicts where and how climate change will hit the hardest and software that helps businesses reduce their emissions by 50% within a year and save money while doing so. Plan A’s software is officially the first carbon accounting software worldwide to be certified for their methodology and use of scientific knowledge for calculating Scope 1,2,3, making them the only platform on the market able to support companies in carbon accounting reporting to international and governmental bodies. 

She also recently co-founded the Greentech Alliance, a collection of 300+ startups that are connected to over 200+ advisors from VC, media and business, who help them monthly with advice and feedback.