Melati Wijsen


Climate Change
Youth Empowerment

Job Title

Co-founder, actress, media personality, global thought leader


Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Youthtopia Voices


Bali, Indonesia




Why? A highly accomplished public speaker with a track record of bringing real change to people’s lives and to government policy. A global leading voice on sustainability and an enabler for Youth empowerment globally. Highly authentic, she has been selected as FORBES top ten most inspiring women in the country, awarded CNN HEROES Young Wonders, and named Top 25 Most Influential Teenagers by TIME magazine. Her first feature movie launched in 2020.

Her movie, Bigger Than Us, has been selected to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021. It was produced by famous actress Marion Cotillard

Speaking Topics

  • Sustainability / ESG in APAC and globally
  • Plastic Pollution and the Oceans
  • How to achieve policy change at the highest levels
  • Youth Empowerment and Activism
  • Empowering youth through education to accelerate change
  • Female Leadership
  • Women empowerment

Expert Profile

The expert is a 20-year-old Indonesian/Dutch activist and change-maker. She has founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags with her younger sister and has been leading the movement driven by youth since 2013. She has also started the people movement One Island One Voice and the social enterprise, Mountain Mamas. She has spoken on world stages such as TED and the UN and has also been selected as FORBES top ten most inspiring women in the country. She graduated from high school one year early at the Green School and has since been honoured by TIME as part of the annual list of most influential teens in the world along with CNN Heroes Young Wonders and FORBES 30 under 30. Today, she is excited about her new youth empowerment project; YOUTHTOPIA, empowering youth through meaningful and short peer to peer programs and providing them the tools they need to be change-makers.

She founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags in 2013 at the age of 12. This campaign has also inspired young people around the world to form their own teams promoting its mission, with more than 50 examples from Tokyo to Tanzania. Six years into their campaign, Indonesia began instituting bans on plastic bags in several cities, including Jakarta. 

She also founded the people’s movement One Island One Voice in 2015 where Bali based businesses come together to say NO to single-use plastics. In 2017 Mountain Mamas was established, a social enterprise empowering women in the mountains of Bali: every woman gets paid per bag that she produces and 50% of the proceeds of the sales go back to the community for education, waste management and health insurance, the other 50% help fund BBPB.

She has spoken on world stages such as TED, the EU parliament in Brussels and the United Nations in NYC. She has also been selected as FORBES top ten most inspiring women in the country. 

She is awarded CNN HEROES Young Wonders 2018 in NYC and named amongst the Top 25 Most Influential Teenagers of 2018 by TIME magazine. Being very passionate about protecting the ocean, she is also an alumni member of the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council.