Sahar Yousef

Sahar Yousef


Peak Performance, The Neuroscience of Leadership and Productivity

Job Title

A cognitive neuroscientist, Founder


UC Berkeley | Becoming Superhuman


Berkeley, USA




Sahar’s 12-plus years of research on “making superhumans” sheds light on how to improve focus, memory, and overall human performance in as little as six weeks. Outside of the academic world, Yousef is the founder and managing director of Becoming Superhuman, a productivity training and consulting firm which teaches busy professionals how to get their most important work done, in less time, with less stress. Her work has been featured in Forbes and Business Insider, Wired, the Headspace app, and The Wall Street Journal, etc.

Speaking Topics

  • The Science of Optimizing Productivity and Performance
  • The Science of Influence, Persuasion, and Executive Presence
  • The Science of Energy Management
  •  The Science of Prioritization: How to Effectively Allocate Your Time and Optimize Your Schedule
  • Preventing Burnout: The Science of Managing Stress and Maintaining Mental Well-Being
  • Wellbeing Matters: How to Effectively Manage Anxiety and Stress During Rapid Change
  • The Science of Sleep: What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough and How to Maximize Rejuvenation
  • Design Better Habits: The Science of Sustained Behavior Change
  • The Science of Perfectionism: Why We Set Unrealistic Expectations & How to Overcome Limiting Behaviors
  • Training the Brain for Innovation: The Neuroscience of Creativity and Accelerated Insight

Expert Profile

Sahar Yousef is  a cognitive neuroscientist at UC Berkeley with 12 years of combined research and management experience. She has worked as a strategy consultant, a product manager, and a UX researcher. 

For the past 8 years, she has been conducting research on cognitive enhancement. The training program that she helped create was shown to improve focus, memory, energy levels, motivation, stress management, and the productivity of high-performers.  She conducted a massive study using a 7 week training program on 200+ high-performers at UC Berkeley. Training has been shown to optimize neural connectivity & improvements in cognitive performance.