So-Young Kang

So-Young Kang


EdTech, Women in Tech, Female Leadership, Future of Work

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She is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about maximizing human creative potential. She is the founder and CEO of Gnowbe, the next-gen performance enablement platform. SoYoung is a recognized Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum since 2014.

Speaking Topics

Future of Work
• Digitizing 21st Century Skills for 4th Industrial Revolution
• Upskilling Billions at Scale
• Closing Employment-Skills Gap
• Designing for Future Mobile Workforce
• Digitization of Learning and Engagement
• Engagement: The New Currency of Value

Education & Skills
• How to Scale Learning
• Transformational Learning: New Frontier of Digital Learning
• Time to Rethink How We Teach & Learn
• Developing People from the Inside Out
• EdTech Innovation: The Next Frontier
• Future of Learning: Where Mobile Meets Experience
• Power of Micro-Learning

Leadership & Culture (Personal, Organizational, Women)
• Entrepreneur Journey as Female CEO
• Achieving Success: Leading from the Inside Out
• Being a Female Tech CEO
• Humanizing Work
• Change, the new Norm: Building Resilience
• Power of the Feminine
• Global Leadership

Transformation Design, Management & Innovation
• Transformation Design: The Next Frontier (Design Thinking 3.0)
• Digital Transformation
• Creating Culture of Innovation (Driving Innovation for Growth)
• Designing Beautiful Cultures that Sustain

Expert Profile

SoYoung Kang is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about maximizing human creative potential. She is the founder and CEO of Gnowbe, the next-gen performance enablement platform. Gnowbe is redefining how we learn and how we digitize content into shared experiences. SoYoung is also the founder of Awaken Group, a multi-disciplinary Transformation Design (TD) firm. She is a global speaker, TEDx speaker, Harvard Business School grad, former McKinsey consultant and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. SoYoung is a highly sought out speaker globally across US, Asia, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and Africa on multiple topics across Transformation Design, Innovation, Leadership, Culture, Strategy, Tech, Education, Gender Equality and Entrepreneurship. SoYoung is a pioneer in the Edtech and human performance arenas and continues to inspire business leaders, educators, and government officials through her engagements at forums like the World Economic Forum Davos, the Drucker Forum, AACSB, European Foundation for Management Development, Nigerian Economic Summit, ASU-GSV, Global Skills Forum and many more.