Sonja Piontek



Job Title

Award winning entrepreneur






English, German, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin


Sonja looks back on an international executive career with one of the world’s most prestigious automotive brands. At the end of 2017 as the Director of Marketing for BMW Asia, she left the corporate world to focus on her speaking career and to set up her own company. Sonja is passionate about unleashing excellence in individuals, teams, projects and businesses. She is currently working with some incredible executive clients and top level brands from across the globe.

Speaking Topics

  • How to build the world’s most aspiring brands successfully

  • Marketing magic– Impressive ROI through unforgettable experiences

  • Premium experience

  • UltraCreativity

  • Effective ways to deal with change and master the current crisis

  • Asia – unexpected insights

Expert Profile

Sonja Piontek is an award winning international thought leader, acclaimed global keynote speaker, best selling author and esteemed business coach. With years of international experience in executive roles at BMW Group and on the agency side, she is known for her expertise in building premium brands and in turning customers into fans through unforgettable experiences. The dynamic German, who is regularly featured in the international media, has had incredible success in her life but equally, she has had to overcome real challenges and deep loss. Her phoenix-like spirit has not only helped Sonja rise to the top but more importantly, to get back up whenever life challenged her.