Alexandre Cadain

Partner, AIQ


Alexandre Cadain is Co-Founder and Partner of AIQ. He leads AIQ’s innovation and venture studio activities.

Alexandre is an entrepreneur in the arts, technology and sustainable impact; his latest venture, World Game, is a mobile game studio with the mission to crowd-solve real-world challenges. He is also the Founder of the impact studio ANIMA which produces radical, alternative projects for a sustainable future. Previously, he has worked at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, leading the Hyperloop Academy and the company’s efforts to develop its network of scientific laboratories. 

He served as an ambassador to the XPRIZE Foundation, working on the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE to identify and onboard the most promising European teams. Since 2017, Alexandre is also a member of the United Nations AI FOR GOOD Commission for which he led the Smart Cities and Capacity Building tracks and acted as a rapporteur of the Future of Work track. 

He is a graduate of HEC Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) Ulm, and La Sorbonne Paris IV, and is passionate about economics, arts, and technology. Alexandre co-initiated the Postdigital research seminar at ENS Ulm and is a Professor of Economic Futures at HEC Paris.