2023 Corporate Events: Key Themes, pt.1

It is never too early (or late) to start planning your next corporate event. Events are an effective way to improve the brand experience and provide your audience with valuable insights that are not in the mainstream media. So what might 2023 bring? We expect that 2022 event themes will continue to be reflected in the coming months with some new trends in the horizon.


Geopolitics and new world order


It is clear that the global geopolitical order is in the midst of tectonic changes and we will see a more fragmented world with competing blocs in the upcoming decade. The war in Ukraine has accelerated the confrontation between the major global powers. At the same time, broader systemic trends, such as climate change, mean that the challenges of today and tomorrow will be global – and require global responses. Then, what does the future of geopolitics and globalisation look like in this fracturing world? 

Understanding geopolitics and geopolitical risks is an indispensable component of corporate strategy. Insights from former politicians, ambassadors, global and regional thought leaders will be instrumental for businesses, corporations and financial institutions in navigating those challenges in the short and long term perspectives. View our ‘Geopolitics’ selection here and talk to our team for customised speakers proposals. 


Business and economic resilience


With talk of recession in the air, resilience is an increasingly critical prerequisite for corporate performance. No two resilience journeys are the same, with each path forward individually based on region and industry. According to executive surveys, in the past, risk management focus was on a small number of well-defined risks, primarily financial risks. The way forward for businesses would be the integration of a holistic risk management approach and the ability to respond quickly to a variety of arising challenges in operations, supply chain, cybersecurity and regulatory demands.

If we look back to history, the top performers amid the Great Recession managed to grow earnings by 17% per year, in large part by recognising that disrupting the status quo is the only way the business will endure and thrive. Let your audience get insights directly from industry leaders and top performers on how to recover stronger from a crisis. 


Entrepreneurship in the challenging times


It is well known that the entrepreneurial journey is challenging and can be lonely sometimes, which is likely why entrepreneurs enjoy gathering to share experiences and take inspiration from each other. How do aspiring entrepreneurs bounce back from uncertainty and start businesses under challenging circumstances? How can you make the adversities along your entrepreneurial journey work for you? 

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