Case study: Guest speaker on ESG Dynamics in the Asian Supply Chain

The Asia-Pacific region plays an important role in global production and employment through global supply chains. As environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have moved up the corporate agenda across the region, more and more corporates are looking to their supply chains to achieve their sustainability goals. According to Accenture, the penetration of ESG investing among wealthy investors in the APAC region is likely to more than double in 2022 to 70%. 

Recently, one of our financial industry clients turned to Zebra Insights in search of a guest speaker at the event dedicated to ESG opportunities and challenges in the Asian supply chain. The event aimed to provide key ways on how investors as a stakeholder can engage on this topic. 

Zebra Insights team selected the most knowledgeable and relevant experts on the topic and set up alignment calls with the client to achieve the best mutual fit. The guest speaker they selected has extensive experience in supply chain management, business integration, government relations, and compliance operations. Previously, he spent many years on equipment sourcing, footwear production, and corporate responsibility for the global sportswear manufacturing giant. The discussion was very engaging due to the content and speaker’s expertise. Some of them are as follows: 

  •      Supply chain practice issues are far from a new consideration, but how do you think the focus on ESG in recent years by the financial community, in particular, has changed the conversation?
  •     Given that elements of the supply chain have the potential to touch all parts of E, S, and G, how would you prioritize these considerations?
  •      In the big picture, how do you think supply chains in Asia will evolve in the next few years, and what are the main drivers/what role does ESG play?
  •     Supply chains are complex. How can investors engage on this issue, and what are the red flags to look out?

Zebra Insights team also ensured further smoothness of the event by managing all the logistics on time which left the client feeling comfortable with the pace of the project. Zebra Insights’ behind the scenes work enabled the client to focus on the bigger picture and host a successful, memorable event.